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The audience is advised as well “Es ist ein Schnitter, der heit Tod” says the female voiceover (who we learn is the prostitute Mietze, played by a perfectly cast Jella Haase) we hear over and over. “There is a reaper and he is called Death.” And so we enjoy Francis dance with this reaper for the majority of Qurbani’s five-part (plus epilogue) film.

True to the book, Reinhold is the devil on Francis’ shoulder manifest awful to ladies, duplicitous, homicidal, envious, greedy and computing. Reinhold’s character gets more screen time than he did in Fassbinder’s variation or the book, however what a great option to do that it was. There hasn’t been maybe a better efficiency in this year’s Berlinale than Albrecht Schuch (who some might understand as the male lead in System Crasher) as Reinhold.

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It might be excessive as evil for some, but it is pure tasty enjoyable to enjoy (the scene where he slithers into bed with Francis’ gave this critic chills) – berlin alexanderplatz amazon prime. With Qurbani picking to alter Francis’ status from the marginalized ex-con to the worst you can probably remain in Europe, a black male with no visa, it’s appealing to politicize Reinhold himself.

Dblin’s Biberkopf was no angel, nor is Francis (Mietze advises of this, too). Reinhold may be the bad guy but he’s not the origin of all of Francis’ trouble. Similarly, it could be said that Mietze, Francis’ sex-worker girlfriend, is the manifestation of good in the movie a contrast that wouldn’t be possible had Qurbani not given more time to both Reinhold and Mietze than Dblin had.

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Qurbani has developed a character in among the most vulnerable positions today and put him in Germany (a primarily white country with an extremely struggling past and relationship to “house”). And Qurbani demonstrates this outstandingly, however not through encounters with reactionary celebrations like the AfD or the administration of a damaged asylum system.

Qurbani does this through the casual bigotry of the people around Francis and the futility of his circumstance. At one point Francis’ ascends in the criminal underworld and tries to hire other refugees into the world of drug-dealing. Grandstanding, he coaxes by boasting: he has a job, money, “a German woman, a German vehicle”, and finally ends with “I am Germany, ich bin Deutschland!” not understanding the paradox of the circumstance he is in.

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The interwar period left for turmoil and inflation and an unpredictable future for the country’s residents. In 2020, monetary instability isn’t the concern. Francis is living the ‘German dream’. The viewer can nearly feel approval to the American gangster drama as the lowly henchman increases to the top and achieves the American Dream.

It must be said, Qurbani’s vision might be one punch in the stomach after another (as is Dblin and Fassbinder’s), but there is one twinkle of expect individuals in scenarios like Francis accepting their outsider-ness. The truly successful (and ethically upstanding) people in the movie call themselves “the freaks” in an exquisite cabaret act proclaiming the “black Amazonian” club owner, the “Transe” (” transgender”) and Francis too.

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The world picked another roadway for Francis, nevertheless. And you would do well to choose to take a trip that road too in Qurbani’s excellent movie. Berlin Alexanderplatz is one to look out for, either at the fest or on screens this year. Der Movie will gut sein. And it far goes beyond that.

Berlinale 2020: „Berlin Alexanderplatz“ und Petzolds „Undine“ im ...Berlin Alexanderplatz – Film 1980 –

Der Regisseur Burhan Qurbani hat den Klassiker “Berlin Alexanderplatz” als Fluchtgeschichte neu verfilmt. Im Interview spricht er ber pass away deutsche Hauptstadt als Moloch, die Zeitlosigkeit von Dblins Romanvorlage und das Ankommen in einer fremden Welt Der Roman “Berlin Alexanderplatz” gehrt zu den Klassikern der deutschen Literatur. Im Wettbewerb der diesjhrigen Berlinale stellt der Regisseur Burhan Qurbani seine Neuverfilmung vor.

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Bis der richtige Zeitpunkt kam. Ich habe mich overall geqult – berlin alexanderplatz alfred döblin epoche. Das war bei mir damals Abitur-Thema und ich habe mich so durchgekmpft. Vielleicht ist male in dem Alter einfach nicht so offen fr das, was dieses Buch einem schenken kann. Ich war einfach mit anderen Sachen beschftigt, likewise mit 18-sein, Cool-sein, Mdchen kennenlernen.

Ich habe angefangen, darin rumzublttern. Dann habe ich das auf eine ganz andere Art verschlungen. Da habe ich gemerkt, dass ich etwas damit machen will. Aber mir war von Anfang an klar, dass ich – schon allein wegen des schweren Schattens von Fassbinder – keinen Movie machen will, der sich an die damalige Zeit hlt.

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Berlinale 2020: „Berlin Alexanderplatz“ und Petzolds „Undine“ im ...Berlin – Alexanderplatz [Blu-ray]: Lamprecht, Günter …
Film - Berlinale zeigt Neuverfilmung von Berlin – Alexanderplatz [Blu-ray]: Lamprecht, Günter …

Ich glaube, wenn Sie das Buch aufmerksam gelesen haben, dann werden Sie ziemlich viel erkennen. Aber fr uns war das Buch eher eine Plattform, um unsere eigene Idee umzusetzen. Was mich overall fasziniert hat, ist pass away Kind des Romans. Die Montagetechnik, diese wilde Sprache, die Dblin hat, pass away religisen und moralischen Bilder, pass away er aufbaut.